10 ISB Sample Essays Compilation

If you’re having trouble working on your ISB application essays, a good starting point is to look at the essays of previously successful applicants.

  July 2, 2020

Compilation of ISB Sample Essays

If you’re having trouble working on your ISB application essays, a good starting point is to look at the essays of previously successful applicants.

In this post, we have compiled a list of X ISB Essay Samples from applicants that received successful admits. Across X applicants, at an average of L essays per applicant, we have a collection of Y essays in total.

Some of these are from the applicants that have taken our service on the platform, some others have been sourced from the web.

We have removed personal information of applicants from these essays and replaced them with generic alternatives. For example, Schlumburger is replaced with ‘Top Oil and Gas company’

ISB YLP Essays, ISB EEO Essays and ISB Re - Application Essay:

We’ve covered profiles across the spectrum of different industries and job roles and included PGP, YLP and EEO applicants’ essays to ensure that you are helped in every possible way. Wherever available, we have included re-application essays as well.

How to write a great ISB Essay:

We recommend you to carefully analyze these essays and draw conclusions on common elements across these essays which make them successful! For example:

  • Applicants have tried to create a story under a specific angle. Some have pitched themselves as entrepreneurial, others have tried to show their expertise in specific fields

  • Two types of compatibility is shown towards the school. First, how the applicant benefits from the school and second, how the school benefits from the applicant. Very specific details are provided, eg, club / society / event names, professor names, etc. to show the depth of research applicant has done

  • Once you spend some time, you’ll find many such observations.

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    In these essays, we have removed some personal information and replaced it with sample information in red color.

    ISB Sample Essay 1:

    At ISB we value diversity as it enhances both the in-class and out of class learning experience. Tell us how would you contribute to the same?

    'Political consulting you say, but what do you do?' A question I frequently hear when I say what I do. This industry is at the nascent stage in India with only a handful of companies operating on a big scale. As a CA and A Major Professional Services MNC Providing Risk, Tax, Audit Services alumnus, I have currently taken up a managerial role in this niche field of political consulting.

    The distinguishing characteristic I have to offer is the diverse experience I possess. CA, with its rigorous study and articleship experience, built a certain resilience and determination in me and prepared me for the workplace at an early age. The Major MNC Company experience taught me to be a professional of the highest calibre. The opportunity at Current Political Consulting Company Name thrust me into management in a unique industry and let me work with a very diverse set of people.

    The Political Consulting Company role has been the highlight of my career so far and also the most challenging one. While Major MNC Company gave me the experience of working with some of the biggest companies in the world, I currently work with clients who are spread out, unorganized and reflect the diversity that is India. As one of the first employees the company started with, I was quickly entrusted with strategizing and managing large-scale campaigns, which involved everything from ideation to execution. I have also had the opportunity to work on many other projects for the company and develop valuable skills.

    My most significant professional achievement till date has been launching an independent news media entity for Political Consulting Company. This was not a consulting assignment but was rather a special project to diversify operations for the company. Starting from scratch and over the course of a few months, I managed to build a team, develop a product, and market this product to reach thousands of users. The experience was like managing a business on its own with every single function led by me.

    I have also had the privilege to work with Major MNC very early in my career as it has inculcated in me discipline, team spirit, focus on quality and many other values. Their motto of 'Motto 1' and 'Motto 2' has been imprinted on my mind and will inspire me throughout my life.

    I believe my hard earned experience and skills would benefit my classmates, while I learn, network and enhance my credentials at ISB.

    Enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how do you think ISB's PGP can help you in achieving your goals?

    Consulting is what I will continue to focus on once I graduate from ISB. My immediate goal is to work on challenging projects with the best consulting opportunities available from across the globe. Problem solving is something that motivates me and therefore it isn't surprising that both the companies I worked for so far are into consulting.

    The career moves I have made have given me a challenging and diverse set of experiences. I believe I have some level of expertise in managing most of the functional areas of a business. I have legal and finance function exposure from my qualifications and my time at Major MNC. I have gained product, marketing, data analysis and operations function exposure at Political Consulting Company. Independently building a media entity at Political Consulting Company has also given me hands-on experience on how to run a business. All these experiences, I believe, will help me in my path for a successful career in consulting especially in management and strategy consulting.

    While logic and peers have mostly guided me in my career till date, I would always want my actions to be backed by something more. A management education will certainly help give a new perspective to my decisions. Furthermore it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to work with the best consulting companies based on my current qualifications and experiences alone. I feel a truly world class education, the likes of which is offered at ISB, will help me achieve this goal. I hope to interact with the brightest students, learn from the best teachers and benefit from the large network the school will unlock for me. Apart from bridging my knowledge gap, an MBA from ISB would give me a boost in credibility and would open up a plethora of opportunities in the long run.

    ISB Sample Essay 2:

    At ISB we value diversity as it enhances both the in-class and out of class learning experience. Tell us how would you contribute to the same?

    ."You may want to re-think your decision and get back to us", the committee sounded hesitant, but I had made up my mind despite being surrounded by negative opinions. My deep inclination towards Mechanical Engineering made me apply for a discipline change from Computer Science to Mechanical after my first semester in college. In another instance, I took the initiative to apply for an 'off-campus' thesis, which was not prevalent in my college. After a tough journey to get approval from my college and a rewarding research work at a Top IIT, I held a talk in my college on off-campus thesis, thereby opening the doors to this option for others. When I look back, I am amazed how intensely the above episodes have taught me to be determined and to gauge risks on an off-beat path.

    During the four years of my undergrad in A Major Gulf Country, exposure to cosmopolitan culture has made me versatile at work while interacting with people from across geographical boundaries. In one of the Projects at work, I was the focal point of material management, involving continuous interface with Head Office in A Major City in the Major Gulf Country, layout team in A Major Indian City, and sub-contractors located globally. I also came up with faster and innovative techniques of identifying substitute materials, thus saving the Company time and money. Having proved my mettle at an early stage in my career by delivering above & beyond what is expected of junior employees, I was nominated by my Senior Manager for the Company's global An Award For Upcoming Rising Stars and High Performers. As much as I am dedicated towards my profession, I am passionate about dancing. As we became working professionals, the majority of my dance mates started dropping out because of the general norm of focusing only on career.

    However, it is beyond my personality to be the 'frog in the well'. Managing my rehearsals and countrywide dance performances along with my hectic work schedules, I have learnt time-management and persistence, and applied the same to my work.

    I commit to bring my dynamic personality, enriching experiences and unique perspectives to ISB, constantly enhancing my abilities and inspiring my peers. My association with Indian classical dance deems me fit to take the lead in the activities of the 'Dance Club' at ISB and teach this unique art form to others by conducting workshops. Also, my core experience in the Oil & Gas sector will make me an asset to the 'Energy Club' at ISB.

    Enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how do you think ISB's PGP can help you in achieving your goals?

    As a Specific Engineering Role in the Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry, I have worked for diverse global upstream projects such as Upstream Project A, Upstream Project B and Upstream Project C. Since early 2016, the O&G industry has been suffering profoundly due to the massive oil crisis. This situation has made me realize the importance of understanding the business aspects that contribute to the sustainable growth of business.

    I aspire to be a Business Analyst in the O&G industry, where I can analyze data-sets, systems and business models to identify trends and business needs, and translate business requirements to help clients. As an analyst, I believe, I will be able to understand the currents of the O&G industry and recommend strategic solutions to steer organizations in the progressive direction even during unconventional scenarios. I aspire to see myself handling cross functional responsibilities in diverse work spheres. Considerable exposure as a business analyst coupled with my current engineering experience will potentially accelerate me to the top hierarchy of the business unit within the next 10-15 years.

    As it is the right juncture in my career to bridge the gap between my technical know-how and managerial acumen, I strongly believe that a PGP from ISB will guide me right towards my goal. At ISB, the distinguished holistic development will accentuate my skills and knowledge crucial for advancement in my prospective career. Moreover, the placement opportunities at ISB will open doors to career prospects with O&G giants such as A Major O&G Company, where I can get excellent exposure to responsibilities attributed to the position that I see myself in. ISB will provide me a unique platform to interact with students from diverse backgrounds and network with ISB's elite alumni that makes me even more determined to go for the ISB experience.

    ISB Sample Essay 3:

    At ISB we value diversity as it enhances both the in-class and out of class learning experience. Tell us how would you contribute to the same? (400 words max)

    My very first assignment after graduation was a high-impact project with the An Indian State’s Metro Rail Governing Body for the Major City Metro. We were to work on two infrastructure projects with a capex of about A Very Very High Amount. Starting with the Tendering Department, I gained essential techno-commercial skills and exposure to legal frameworks, besides coordinating with international funding agencies such as ‘International Bank 1’ and ‘International Development Agency 1’ for assuring them of the reliability of our procurement process.

    The credibility of my work at Major City encouraged my MD to pick me up as one of the first employees for the Major City 2 Metro Project. I was assigned a team of consultants and entrusted to work independently on the procurement process of the first major tender, which was worth A Very High Amount. By enabling the award of this first major tender within a record time in India, I learned to lead teams towards success.

    One of the major challenges I faced was the generation of the spend analysis of the project, which was critical for arriving at an equitable distribution of funds among different categories and for drawing up a capex phasing plan for ensuring a smooth line of credit from the government and other funding agencies, on a bi-weekly basis. My problem-solving skills and quick learning abilities came in extremely handy while working in coordination with stakeholders and outlining the plan, within a month’s time. My analysis was so pertinent that I received a special appreciation from the Project Director. These insightful experiences should differentiate me and equip me to take the lead at ISB in group tasks and during competitions such as Aditya Birla Stratos.

    My real-time experiences in handling High Value projects that affect over 10 Million people will provide distinct perspectives to be shared during the classroom learning and case discussions for courses such as ‘Government, Society and Business’, ‘Infrastructure and the Private Sector’ and ‘Real Estate Development and Financing of Ventures’. I would like to invite senior professionals for Speaker Sessions and events such as ILS, leveraging my network in the Infrastructure sector. I also look forward to becoming an active member of SREI Infrastructure Club, and Public Policy Club and add value to the composite learning experience of my peers by sharing first-hand experiences related to working with government stakeholders in the actualization of critical projects, which are slated to evolve as the foundation of this country’s growth.

    Enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how do you think ISB's PGP can help you in achieving your goals?

    Working on large capital projects for Indian State’s Metro Department has equipped me with insights about the various phases of implementation, including feasibility studies, procurement and project management and has made me aware of the success a country can achieve through sustainable infrastructure development. From meticulously drafting the conditions of large-valued tenders, to managing a Supreme Court case - each phase served to enhance my knowledge and my leadership capability. I took up transformative initiatives for the organization, such as implementation of the revolutionary E-commerce system i.e., Government E- Marketplace in Major State Metro, that enhanced the speed and transparency of procurement and created opportunities for small enterprises.

    My exposure across domains such as project management, vendor selection, negotiation and risk assessment has helped me realize the importance of cross-functional knowledge, in the business decision-making process. With my interest focused on the infrastructure sector, upon graduation from ISB, I aim to grow my career in the larger ambit of infrastructure industry with leading companies such as Adani group, L&T or Shapoorji Pallonji. I aspire to be a part of their general management leadership programmes wherein, through rotational training, I will be able to acquire key leadership skills and functional insights into the business - gradually shaping into an industry expert taking up transformational leadership positions.

    The ISB MBA will facilitate functional knowledge about fields such as operations, strategy and finance, and help develop keen insights about how these functions coalesce, towards making any project/organization successful. I plan to participate in the SREI Infrastructure Club and Operations Club and look forward to engaging with industry leaders to hone my industry knowledge further. Above all, ISB will facilitate access to best-in-class faculty and a richly diverse alumni group that I can approach for wise counsel in the course of exploring more challenging avenues for professional growth.

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